Various Concerts / Events

Presentation of the live CD/DVD at the Fnac Brussels the 25th of november 2006

With Luz Casal and MC Solaar Olympia Paris 2002

Giru Corsu 2003 Ajaccio
Nuit des Choers Abbaye Villers-la-Ville 28,29,30 August 2004- I Muvrini A Capella
The singers:
Jean-François Bernardini, Alain Bernardini,Martin Vadella, Stephane Mangiantini, Marc Ventura, Franck Ventura, Jean Charles Adami, Maurice Gregoire
Concert in Utrecht, 27 november 2002

photo Niek Heijmans
Concert MAINZ, 4 February 2006
Concert in Eindhoven, 15 november 1995
Olympia 1997 - with Serge Reggiani
Taratata 1996 - with Michel Fugain
Tour 1996

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