Assemblée Générale de Fundazione di Corsica 2 July 2011 Pianellu

For the first time the Assemblée Général was held in Pianellu. Some hundred people had come, from the continent, Germany and Holland.
Jean-François Bernardini presided the meeting which was held in de gîte. AFC Umani supports numerous actions. With 'l'Università di l'Omu' conferences are being organised, days of exchange around themes like education and culture. The programme 'Lingua Viva' is committed to the language: written, spoken or sung, and always loved. Then the famous programme Terranea: saving the oldest chestnutforest in Europe with trees more then 600 years old.
However, the biggest challenge for the future will be the programme 'Diventate artisgianu di à No-Viulenza...Become an artisan of Non-violence.

When the official part was finished we had a lovely 'spuntinu' made by Felicia Giordani of the gîte, wonderful dishes sprinkled with music 'A beata funtanella'.
After lunch everybody went to visit the Anne Frank-cutting. Jean-François said that he was very happy to see that it had grown so well...and then the Diu vi salvi Regina was sung; an emotinal moment for us all.
A visit to the Châtaigneraie followed. This is Manu Barbieri's expertise; he explained the work and the ecosystem. The finishing touch of the day was a visit to a nearby goat farm. Very nice and interesting to be able to have a look into a bergerie like this; a dignified end of this beautiful day.

video réalisé par Guy Dumas
Cliquez sur les vignettes pour les agrandir

Fanfan Manenti welcomes the
Fundazione to Pianellu

'U Spuntinu' food, wine and music

A beata funtanella


Adorable kitten


Visiting the cutting
of the Anne Frank tree


Diu vi salvi Regina

Visit to the Châtaigneraie

Manu Barbieri explains


In the Châtaigneraie

In the Châtaigneraie

La bergerie

Dans la bergerie

Dans la bergerie

Photos: Martin van der Hoek, Jan de Sonneville, Herman Goossens, Marlene Lokin
Grand Merci à Guy Dumas for his video.

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