Cutting of the Anne Frank tree travels to Corsica

The idea to bring a cutting of the Anne Frank tree to Corsica was born when Jean-François, during his visit to Amsterdam in 2009, spoke of his concern for the wellbeing of the Anne Frank tree. Renée Blom (graphics artist) and I realised the importance of the meaning of chestnut trees for the Corsicans.
The Foundation 'Support the Anne Frank tree' welcomed this idea and thought it a very valuable plan.
All the more, because the planting of the cutting is going to be the starting point of anti-racisme projects for the Corsican youth.

The morning after the concert in Amsterdam we held a little, intimate ceremony to give the cutting to Jean-François Bernardini.

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After Renée's opening words of welcome in which she memorized the origin of the plan, prof Helga Fassbinder spoke of the Foundation 'Support the Anne Frank tree' and about Anne Frank; for Anne the only connection with the outside world and the changing of the seasons was through this tree.
The poet Jos Versteegen read three of his beautiful poems, all three to do with Anne Frank and the tree.
I have spoken a few words about my long lasting love affair with Corsica; after that we played Corsican music: the Lamentu di u Castagnu.

Jean-François said in his word of thanks that he was very moved with this initiative and that in this way we make bigger and bigger circles...
He also explained that the foundation in Pianellu would be very glad to receive the cutting as a symbol of tolerance and solidarity and that it will help them to go on to restore the chestnut trees in the valley of Pianellu to become healthy again.


© photos: Jan de Sonneville, Bob van Oosten, Helga Fassbinder

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