Le Musée de la Corse
Citadelle de Corte
20250 CORTE
Tel : 04 95 45 25 45 - Fax : 04 95 45 25 36
Regional anthropology museum.
Society, economy and culture of traditional Corsica and the Corsica of today.
Audioguide in French or in English.On the first floor, la galerie Doozan offers and inventory of crafts, the second floor deals with the more contemporary fields: industry, tourism, music.
The ground floor is reserved for temporary exhibitions.
Palais Fesch musée des beaux-arts
50, rue Fesch
Tel : 04 95 21 48 17 - Fax : 04 95 50 13 84
The most important museum for Italian paintings after Paris.
Built under the initiative of Cardinal Fesch to house the collection that he was to donate to the town in 1839, the Fesch museum is remarkable for its exceptional collection of Italian paintings by Titien, Véronèse, Fra Bartolomeo, Botticelli or Bellini.
On the first floor you will find famous paintings by Botticelli and by Titien.
On the second floor there are Italian pieces; in the basement there is a Napoleonic collection.
Bonaparte house

Maison Bonaparte musée national

Rue St-Charles
Tel : 04 95 21 43 89 - Fax : 04 95 50 13 84
Napoleons birth place.
Open in summer from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 2.00 to 6.00pm and in winter from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 2.00 to 5.00pm. This 18th-century mansion was Napoleon's birthplace in 1769. Today, the mansion's museum features Louis XV and XVI interiors designed by Napoleon's mother. You can inspect over 200 years of the Bonaparte clan through the family trees on display.

The Napoleonic museum
Hôtel de ville
Tel : 04 95 51 52 62
Paintings, objects and furniture belonging to the Imperial family.
There are two drawing rooms with sculptures and paintings representing the imperial family furniture and a crystal chandelier weighing a ton.
Fort Matra Aleria
The Archaeological departmental museum Fort Matra
20270 ALERIA
Tel : 04 95 57 00 92
Archaeological museum showing the relics discovered on the ancient site of Aleria.
The archaeological museum Jerôme-Carcopino, member of the Académie francaise historian of Ancient Rome is in the magnificient fort of Matra built in 1484 by the Genoese. The objects exposed are from the Alaia site and are proof of its Etruscan, Phocean and Roman past.
Le Musée Archéologique de Mariana, un nouveau musée en Corse !
Le site archéologique de Mariana est situé sur la route du lido de la Marana accessible depuis le rond point de Crocetta (RN 193), Ville de Lucciana

Ancré au cœur de la plaine de la Marana, Mariana fut le témoin de plus de 2000 ans d’histoire…
Des premiers colons romains jusqu’à la domination pisane, ce lieu conserve aujourd’hui encore une valeur symbolique et religieuse forte.
Après un demi-siècle de recherches historiques et archéologiques, la Commune de Lucciana souhaite désormais transmettre à chacun, enfants, adultes, population locale et touristique, cet héritage historique et culturel.
Musee Departemental de Prehistoire et d'Archeologie
20100 - SARTENE
Tel / Fax : 04 95 77 01 09
Exhibition of prehistoric funeral and practical objets.
Made up of one big room and five cells (the museum was formerly a prison) there are original relics from the Neolithic times. There are some nice pottery objects and objects made with some interesting stones.
Le Musée d'Archéologie et d'Ethnographie
20170 - LEVIE
Archaeological museum
Presentation on geology, fauna, flora and the climate of the island. Also there is "La dame de Bonifacio", the oldest human relic in Corsica. The museum also has sharp tools in obsidian, in flint or in rhyolite, arrow heads, Neolithic vases or again some pottery from the bronze age.
The Ethnographic museum of ADECEC
Maison communale
20221 - CERVIONE
Tel : 04 95 38 12 83
History archaeology and ethnology of the region.
The museum is rich on variety, it hosts a wide range of professions and traditions of the island.
Maison natale de Pasquale Paoli
Musée Pascal Paoli - La Maison natale de Pascal PAOLI
Hameau de Stretta - 20218 Morosaglia
Tel : 04 95 61 04 97
Conservateur : Jean-Claude Ottaviani
The home of Pascale Paoli, the father of the Corsican nation.
This plush building has on two floors several rooms with numerous objects, either personal or contemporary and historical documents which enlighten us on the personality and work of this extraordinary man and hero.
Musée de Bastia
Palais des gouverneurs - La citadelle - Place du Donjon
20200 - BASTIA
Tel : 04 95 31 09 12 - Fax : 04 95 32 16 90
History, illustrations and popular traditions.
Le conservatoire du costume
Costume traditionnel du Cap Corse CANARI
Tel : 04 95 37 13 90
Exhibition of Corsican traditional and historical costumes
Le Conservatoire du Costume du Cap Corse est ouvert en été tous les jours sauf le lundi de 10h à 12h et de 18h à 20h.
Pour les horaires d’hiver, appeler. L’entrée est libre. Le village de Canari se situe quant à lui sur la côte ouest du Cap-Corse à 46 km de Bastia en prenant par la D 81, la D 80 et la D 33 (compter une bonne heure de route) ou à 33 km au sud du petit port de Centuri, situé un peu plus haut sur le littoral occidental du Cap.


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